All Square At Zero
in Milton Keynes

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Our new dancer evenings take place at the Wavendon Community Centre, MK17 8LH.

As you can see from the map, Wavendon Village (not to be confused with Wavendon Gate) is in the South East corner of Milton Keynes, just off the H8 / A421 as you leave MK on the way to junction 13 of the M1. (Click on the map for a larger image)

The Community Centre hall we use is the original hall in the centre of the village, off Walton Road, MK17 8LH, opposite St Mary's Church. Whilst it is near the Stables Theatre, it should not be confused with the new Wavendon Hub which is on the Eastern outskirts of the village and on the access road to the Stables.

SE Area Map of Wavendon Comm Centre
Local Map of Wavendon Comm Centre

Unless you are coming from Woburn Sands, the best way to get to the hall is via the BP garage roundabout on the A421 where the H8 (Standing Way) and the H9 (Groveway) meet. From this roundabout:
- Take the exit signed Wavendon and Woburn Sands.
- Go through the first traffic lights ignoring signs for The Stables Theatre.
- Go through the next traffic lights.
- 50m later, turn right at the Wavendon Arms public house, onto Walton Road.
- The hall is 200m up the road, on your left, opposite the Church.

SatNavs may try to take you through Wavendon Gate by turning you off the V11 before you get to the H9 roundabout - don't take this route as it takes you thorugh the estate which has several speed bumps.
(Click on the map for a larger image)

Here is a picture of the sign and building from the road:
Picture of Comm Centre Once at the hall, there is plenty of FREE parking. There is room for 5 cars at the front by Walton Road, room for 11 or 12 cars in the main parking area, space for 5 cars by the hall itself, and 3 or 4 further spaces along the curbs. Please leave both entry and exits roads clear as well as the access route to the fields on the left of the hall. (Click on the map for a larger image)

Entry to the hall is on the front right, as shown by the arrow - the building to the right is the nursery which has a separate entry.

As well as plenty of room for our dancing, there is also a kitchen for anyone wishing to have a hot drink (we provide coffee and tea for you to have free of charge).

Parking at Comm Centre

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you there.