All Square At Zero
in Milton Keynes

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Our dance evenings continue each Tuesday at the Wavendon Community Centre (the original hall opposite St Mary's Church in the centre of Wavendon).

New dancers can generally join us on the SECOND TUESDAY of any month (though not in October this year). Having been once, dancers are able to continue coming each week, dancing between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

Please check here again for updates and confirmation before coming along (just in case)...
Directions and details for the hall can be found here.

All Square At Zero have been providing regular enjoyable dance evenings in South East Milton Keynes since 2015.

Western Dancing
  - Make new friends
  - Good for body & mind
  - Affordable
  - Great FUN...

Set up to provide quality, social Square Dancing for local dancers, they quickly incorporated other American Western dance types into their evenings to provide as much FUN as possible each and every week. A typical evening now includes a mixture of Line Dancing, Barn Dancing, Contra Line Dancing as well as the Modern Western Square Dancing for which the club is best known, all using a mix of well known country and chart music, to ensure that everybody has a great time be they new or experienced dancers; naturally talented or rhythmically challenged; on their own, a couple or with friends; young, middle aged, or a little older .... all adults that have reasonable mobility are welcome.

Beginners Welcome
  - The SECOND Tuesday of any month
  - No problem if you miss a week
  - Wear normal clothes and shoes
  - Come alone / as couple / with friends

These American Western Dance evenings take place each Tuesday between 7:30pm and 10pm, with new dancers welcome to start on the second Tuesday of each month. We dance at various halls in South East Milton Keynes, as shown at the top of the page. You can get a discount voucher for your first session by clicking here.

A mix of western dance types:
  - Square Dancing
  - Line Dancing
  - Contra Dancing
  - Barn Dancing
All to Country & Pop music
Examples on Dance Video page

Many of you will only have a vague idea of what some of those dances are. If that is the case, why not take a look at some of the video links on our Dance Videos page to give you a better idea of what we do. Even if you know your Contras from your Squares, why not take a look anyway, they're a good watch and you may pick something up.

Each week we will introduce some new moves and dances, often building on what has been learned before. However, we will start with a new set of moves each month, on the second Tuesday, allowing friends, or other new people, to join in without any problem. In fact, all of the moves will be taught multiple times so missing a week is not a problem. Missing 2 weeks would mean you miss quite a lot but again this isn't a problem as you can rejoin on the second Tuesday of the following month when a new set of moves are taught from scratch. So, even if you aren't able to make every week, you can still come along and join in the fun.

There are many Line Dance clubs around. There are some Square Dance clubs, some Contra Dancing Clubs, even some Barn Dances ... but at the American Western Dance evenings you get the opportunity to dance a mix of each - maximising the fun and enjoyment that can be had from social dancing, while also keeping both the mind and body fit.

Each session is only £5 (with a discount available for the first session here) and if you make it to 7 sessions in your first 2 months you will even receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

At such a low cost, where you can wear normal street clothes and shoes, in a local hall with free parking, what have you got to lose. Come and join us on the second Tuesday of the month - you'll wish you had done so years ago.